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2014-08-27 12:45:23 by killapickle1

I guess I did not have as much time as I thought. Maybe I should consider these things before making empty promises. That's the way the ball rolls I guess. However, I will try to be more active on here and maybe make some more music every now and then. I think my schedule can keep up with that :)

Not dead yet

2013-07-17 23:28:34 by killapickle1

Throughout my busy schedual, i have still found some time to make some music. Expect a new song in a week or two ;)

New song :0

2013-03-07 21:24:30 by killapickle1

Near the end of march break im going to be releasing a new song called "flatline" and maybe a couple of others. Stay tuned :)

eclipse is finally done :D

2013-01-22 01:57:35 by killapickle1

i could not be happier with the result. i am glad i finally got to finishing it and i hope you guys will give it a look see ;)

...and i feel it turned out great! let me know what you guys think ;)

new song!

2013-01-20 00:54:54 by killapickle1

yup its done! now for the other 4 or so i have to finish XD

new preview!

2013-01-19 21:49:41 by killapickle1

a new preview for an upcoming song is out! first of 2013 and will not be the last ;)


2013-01-07 21:35:30 by killapickle1

I have been busy recently making music for friends, once i finish them i think ill upload them to let you guys listen to them :)

Its time to trample eachother in stores around the world!

Happy holidays

2012-12-25 20:58:34 by killapickle1

Merry christmas everyone :D